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14, I ride horses and listen to music.


My horses

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Fall out boy


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Rian’s face when i told him my mum likes his teeth!

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his smile before he hops off the board 😍


  • A compliment or insult
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I dyed my hair blue 

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alex being a loser part 2. x

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Alex being picked last for whiffle ball. :(


"The most exciting thing that has just happened to us, well other 
than this panda and Mike Ferri rubbing his butt against the front of the van...the other really exciting thing is this Easy Pass... this is a brand new thing in the world of We Are The In Crowd!" [stand by your van]

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first off, thank you to everyone that entered. it was so so impossibly hard to choose. i love you all, even if your name isnt up here.

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Thank you!!!